Clipping For The Summer Heat

by Peter
(Grass Valley, Ca.)

I have a red tri and she is getting mats on her hips, hot spots. I've been told that clipping them for the summer heat will cause the fur to grow back thicker. Is this a myth?

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by: Suzan

Between my aussies, each coat is different in thickness. One we clip her hips for the summer so she doesn't get twigs tangled in her fur. I have another one that we have to clip more because her fur is thicker. We have to de-shed her more than the other two. I have another one that I do not have to clip at all. I do brush and check for any mats in their fur every night. Most of the time I can brush or comb out their mats, but some I may have to clip. I found that brushing them every night helps keep the mats from getting bad and out of control. My aussies are now 5 years old and I have not noticed their fur becoming thicker.

by: Kathy

I have 2 aussies...1 is 13 yrs old and other is going to be 9...I shave them down every year for summer and their coats grown back in beautifully. Both dogs coats are is wavy and very thick and other is thick and very soft

by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info! I'm wondering how close you all clip your dogs? I've read they can get sunburned if cut to close to the skin. Can any of you recommend a brand of clipper or method to use for setting hair cut length?

Thanks again for the info!

summer heat and shaving a dog
by: Joyce

The vets I've had over the years have told me NEVER to shave any dog -- their fur actually keeps them cooler in the summer, and prevents sunburn (which as we know can lead to skin cancers). A good groomer will de-shed, as needed and clip only if matted. Just passing on what I've been told!

Our dogs benefit from clipping
by: Kenny C

We clip both our Aussie and our mini Aussie in the summer, they really benefit from it. They suffered in the 90 to 100 degree plus temps before that. Not too short though, maybe leaving an inch or so.

We do it in June as it starts to heat up and by the time it gets to filling back in back toward the end of summer it is just right for them.

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