Coat Colour of Puppy

by Erin

I'm getting a new puppy. I currently have a Border Collie but have been looking at Aussies. I have a line on a 75% Aussie, 25% Border Collie. Wonderful if anyone can tell the coat color. It looks like a red Merle but the nose looks black (could that be from the Collie). I was also hoping to get blues eyes.

The puppy is 5 weeks old right now and currently has blue eyes. Will they stay blue? Do most blue and red merles have blue eyes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Nose and eye color
by: Jessie

My blue merle Aussie has a black nose and brown eyes. She was the runt, i got her at 8 weeks old blue eyes but turned brown. She just turned a year old. Small at 20 pounds, but is 100% full blooded standard australian shepherd. The way i see it is every new pup is a suprise. You never truely know what they are going to be like all grown up.

by: Anonymous

You may want to look it up on the BC and Aussie site, but I think the colour of the coats eyes and lip/eye rims works the same way for both breeds. Typically liver for the reds and black for blacks.The pic that I see is not really clear enough to see all the details. If you don't know who was bred to who any where else in the line there are probably no absolutes. Also as far as blue eyes go the shades can vary over time. My RM had 2 bl w/ a hint of color in just one ,which became 1 blue and 1 marbled Bl/Brn. My BM had eyes of gold @ 10/12mos and they have settled at almost an amber tone. The coat also includes vibrant copper points w/ very little white to show but his eyes/lip rims and nose are still black. Hope that helps just a little.

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