Coat + Size + Agile Puppy

by Tina MP

For my curiosity... After some research and characteristics we wanted, we decided to get a Aussie. We fell in love with little Maverick a black tri Aussie with a full tail.

We got him at 2 mo (2 first photo) and now he is almost 4 mo.

He seem to be a big pup. He is 3 1/2 mo (2 last photos) and already weighting 26 lbs. His parents are around 48-52 lbs. I believe he will be bigger but will like your opinions. He was one of the bigger males.

I am also wondering what kind of coat he will get. He is still a bit fluffy and coat is changing. The black is still greyish and brownish. Black spot are starting to develop in the face and one ear is starting to be more black. From what I read some Aussies seem to go through some color change.

We really love his energy and when I compare him to other puppies he seem to be more agile. He started to jump on bed et picnic tables at age 3mo. I'm trying to keep him from jumping since he has crooked front legs. All the vet I talked too told me to avoid injuries and in a lot of time the problem is fixed once the dog is finish growing. My previous Lab had the same problem and no longer have it... I still want your opinion?


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