Coloboma Question

by Clara

I just got an Australian Shepherd pup from a breeder. I thought the patch in his eye was marbling, but as i looked into it I'm pretty sure it's a coloboma. Does anyone have any experience with this? I've read mixed things about whether it's a problem. He does squint quite a bit in the sunlight, and he runs into things a lot but I'm not sure whether that's just him being an Aussie pup.

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by: jcrply

Just judging from his head, he appears to have a lot of white. Did you see both of your pup's parents? Were they both merle's? A breeder should not be breeding merle to merle. If this pup has a problem, I would say that you need to find out immediately before you are so bonded and in love with the pup that you just cannot take him back to the breeder.

Perfect pup
by: Anonymous

He is perfectly looking puppy! Beautiful and has enough of every color as he supposed have.
There is no sign of colomba in his eye. the picture does not show it. I would take him to the vet and check what he says.
If he does have a colomba he can have a normal life. Please take him to the vet if you worry about it.
He is gorgeous puppy!

Pretty pup
by: Suzan

Even if your pup has coloboma, he can have a normal life and do the things that aussies love which play, learn, and bond with their pet parent. The only thing I know is from what I have read. Like double merles, they can have a normal life, they just shouldn't be bred. I would highly recommend to talk to your vet. He is a gorgeous puppy.

by: Clara

Thanks everyone! He does have a good amount of white on the side of his face, but since his dad is merle and mom's a tri (both CERF tested good), i'm assuming it's a mismark rather than double merle. He doesn't have any problems hearing, but I was concerned about the misshapen pupil. He's been to the vet and had his puppy check, but I'm going to ask at his next vaccination whether he should go to the opthamologist.

We are going through the EXACT same situation!
by: Becca Hoerner

Breeder says his eyes are fine (mind you when we arrived and asked what colour his eyes actually are, she wasn't sure)... vet check was fine and I called the vet to make sure. There is an OBVIOUS large coloboma and a smaller one in the other eye. Heading to the vet next week to get more info. I'd love to connect on Facebook or something to share experiences if possible! It's such a rare strange condition I can't find anyone else who has experienced this.

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