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Colorado Mini Aussies -- Good Breeder?

by Claire

Does anyone know anything about this breeder or have any experience with them?

I am thinking about a puppy and she isn't too far away, but there are some things that concern me. She said that she doesn't do OFA or CERF testing, but they are Minis so that might not be as important? I also read that it isn't good to spay or neuter before they mature but she requires it by a year old. Is that normal? She seems to have a lot of litters (five are due next month, so I'm sure that I could get a puppy) but is that a bad thing? I can't seem to find anything about her dogs on ASDR or anything about their pedigree. From PawPrintGenetics I know that she started breeding a lot of them before 18 months old, but since they are Minis are they mature by then?


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Mimi's vs regular aussies
by: Anonymous

Mini Aussies are just Aussies bred in smaller sizes - they are exactly like their larger cousins, in other words. So, same health issues, same testing requirements, etc. More breeders now advise against early sterilization, with one year old being the norm, I think.
Not having more information than you give here, this does not sound good. I would be looking elsewhere.

by: Claire

Thanks for the input. A lot of people on the Internet are adamant that they are separate breeds and others say that they are the same but smaller, so I wasn't really sure about a lot of the stuff that is more common in medium/large breed dogs (e.g. the hips and breeding age and stuff). The genetic test lists them as separate too, which seemed weird if they are from the same genetic material.

Anyway, I'm rambling =) Thanks a lot for the input.

OFA and CERF are important tests
by: Anonymous

Their dogs are gorgeous but it gives me pause that they have so many (possible inbreeding) and don't X-ray hips or do CERF exams. If it were me looking for a mini, I'd keep looking.

Unknown Genetics
by: Claire

Yeah, I totally agree. I couldn't find a lot of information on many of the females so I'm not even sure if the females and males come from the same place, and some of them say that they were bred by her??? But with which male? and are they related? Kind of weird. Will definitely look into other breeders.

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