Coming When Called

by Carol

We have had our little Trip for 7 days, he is now 15 weeks old.
For the first 14 weeks or as soon as he could go outside the breeder let him just run around the farm chase the chickens and horses.

HELP! We have a 5 acre area, however there is a home on each side of us - one with small dogs and the other with horses. HOW in the world can I retrain her to stay within our perimeter of land?

We were not made aware of her just being allowed to run until after we bought her.

PLEASE can anyone help me?

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Make it a game
by: Anonymous

We taught our girls by making it a game. We first got them used to having a leash on. Once they were comfortable with the leash, we got a long leash and each time we took them out, we would let them go and right before they got to the end of the leash, we called them (only saying their name and come once), we made kissing sounds and would run backwards so they would want to follow us. Each time, they came back to us, we would reward them with their favorite toy and treats. We would give them lots of praise as well. They are now 5 years old and they still love this game. Every time we call them back, they get their favorite toy and lots of belly rubs. :-)

Coming when Called
by: Carol

Thank you for the information. I have started it this morning and Trip is responding nicely. I am very grateful for the help you were willing to give me. Being a Aussie owner do you think as she get older she will still respond well even though there are horses to herd within sight?

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