Confused About My New Australian Shepherd Puppy

by Emily Cwik
(Bailey, Colorado, United States)



I got my beautiful 6 week old blue merle female Australian Shepherd, "Zayleigh" about one week ago. I have saved up for a while to buy her. I was so exited that I got my dream dog, finally!

The breeder was telling me how sweet and loving she was, and that her neighbors wanted to take her home. But when I brought her home to my family, she was exited about them, and lost all interest in me. They would love her up, and she was exited all the time. But then I come up to love her, she barely wags her tail, and looks at me like I'm crazy.

I don't understand this at all... I feed her, play with her, train her, and give her as much love as I can, but I'm not anything special to her. I'm confused, because I work with dogs and they love me like crazy, all dogs are fine around me, but not Zayleigh, lol.

She does respect me, and listens to my commands (most of the time), but she dosen't show much love towards me.

I'm a little upset that the puppy I adore, dosen't like me. I still love the little stinker to death, but I want her to love and adore me too.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Is there a way to make her love me? I would appreciate it very much, thanks.


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by: Adrian B

How often are you alone with her ??
Aussies tend to bond with one person but listen to the rest
....our male wont do anything I say when my wife is home yet my dog only listens to me when she chooses too.....
dont worry too much about it as it will all work out soon.

by: Tom

You have a dogs scent on you and she thinks that you belong to someone else, you need to come home without another dogs scent on you and it will take a short time and she will be your all.

Zayleigh and other dog
by: Emily Cwik

The only other dog i am around is our other dog "pete".
But she acts the same either way. One thing i have noticed, is that she gets exited about the family, not so much me, but she listens to my commands, and dosent listen when the family says any commands.

Adrian B
by: Emily Cwik

Im not with her ALL the time, but i'd say 70% of the time. I am around her the most out of the whole family.

She's confident in you
by: Anonymous

My aussie gets excited to meet others and doesn't show any to me, but she always comes to me for activity and when out for walks and dog park, she is always looking to see where I am before going on her merry way.

by: Emily Cwik

She gets exited about everyone, but does not respect them at all. She is crazy and wild with other people, but she wont sit for them. She wont get exited about me, but she listens to my commands.

Confused about Zay
by: Emily Cwik

She ignores me when i call her name alot, especially when she is able to run freely through the house. I dont know if this is the right thing to do, but i have been ignoring her for a while, then she howls because im not paying attention to her. Im confused. She ignores me when i call her, but she wants me to constantly acknowledge her...

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