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Considering A Second Aussie

Hi All, I have had my Australian Shepherd for over a year now (she is just about 1.5 years old) and would like some opinions on getting a second. She has stayed at the breeders house for a few days (completely different story) and I have been getting videos daily from the breeder showing Sadie (my current dog) playing ALL day long with the others and looking so happy to have buddies to play with.

Can anyone tell me their experiences with getting a second dog? Does anyone know if their dogs play together while you are at work? Or still just sleep?


Comments for Considering A Second Aussie

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More than one Aussie
by: mike

I just got my 3rd Aussie. A female red Merle. I have two tris. Brother and sister. Working out well for me. I love it.

Two Aussie shepherds
by: Bev

Hi there
We have two Aussie shepherds, we had one aged 10 weeks, & the other at 16 weeks....although they are from the same breeder, they are no relation to one another....what can I say....they are pretty full on, but they play well together, they exercise each other far better than we ever could, we have had no problems whatsoever, they are pretty inseparable...they both have lovely temperaments, there is no aggression between them whatsoever....I would say go for it....although people told us we were mad, we've never regretted it !

It worked for me!
by: Anonymous

I have a 7 year old male tri that I rescued 2 years ago. He was anxious around other dogs and even though he was playful at times he was a shy, serious dog. I was hesitant about getting another dog because he could be aggressive around other dogs. I got a female Merle 2-3 months ago and I couldn't be happier. My male is so playful and calmer. He's a happier dog overall. I know they play when I'm gone because carpets are all messed up when I come home. Most of the time they're breathing heavy or tired. They're like 2 peas in a pot. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

Improved our boy's family life
by: Elizabeth

Our male at one year was a handful and needed constant games all evening long even as we watched tv. I felt we weren't quite meeting his needs even as we doted on him, trained him, and gave him work to do. When his breeder had a two year old returnee, who happened to be our boy's older brother, we snapped him up, and things improved immediately. I think they do sleep a lot during the day when we're gone, but I suspect they play, too. And when we're home, it's near constant wrestling and chase games. They entertain and exercise each other as well as us, and things are less stressful, believe it or not!

Two is better than one.
by: Anonymous

Another one for a positive experience with two tri's, a female puppy who was joined 18 months later, with a much older male rescue tri. They bonded in no time. The problems with having two is more food, more poo and individual training is a little trickier.

Aussie pal
by: Anonymous

We have two Aussies, one is 3 and the other is 2 years old. We decided to get another when Murphy was1.5 years old. He loved having a companion and helped us raise her. They are best buddies and run the energy out of each other so based on our experience I would highly recommend another Aussies for your family.

by: Karengt

We rescued a 14 month old Aussie (Belle) 4 years ago and 2 years later rescued (Indigo) a 2 year old, both females. They are not related and became buddies fast. They keep each other company and have a play mate. The only problem we had at first was the feeding. The older one likes to nibble all day, eating mostly at night, while the younger one gobbles her food right down. But, they are so smart the younger one learned not to eat the other ones food.

They are both mini Aussies. Belle is a certified therapy dog.

Mini aussie
by: Anonymous

Our first Mini Aussie was a handful, she needed constant attention. We decided to get her a friend and ended up getting two more Aussie’s (her actual sisters.) Cricket, Beetle and Ladybug are inseparable now and in my opinion easier to take care of because they keep each other occupied.

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