Considering Australian Shepherd And Want To Make Sure Of Fitment

by Wade
(Waldo, Oh, USA)

I am inquiring to check fitment of this breed considering it is a 97-98% match in four out of five animal planet's dog breed selection. When I to commit to owning a dog again I want to making sure we are a fitment. To get the truth is from owners like yourselves. I have a yard. I have three children 3, 10, 11 years of age. I do have a task I would like to fill and that would be herding a protecting a flock of turkeys. I am under the impression that this dog's nature is to be part of the family but would put it's job first. I want a working loyal working pet. After some training and obedient classes, I would like to build on my new family member to care for the flock during the day so we can raise free range turkey. I want to make sure that it can handle this task without killing the flock.

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by: Anonymous

sounds like a perfect fit. They are sensative, loving, devoted pets, but love to have a job, and hearding is what they do best (instinctively).
with the classes, and alot of love, you will be a very happy family, and business

Sure fit
by: Anonymous

I don't know... my aussie kills everything that shows up in my yard.

Re: Turkeys
by: Anonymous

Sure! I don't see why not! Of course, all dogs vary,so saying 100% that your new edition would definitely work of course is like playing russian roullette! As long as you raise your aussie around the turkeys and let him/her know what is acceptable he/she will be just fine. Many herding dogs are started on ducks, and progress from there. Goats, sheep, then cows etc.
I have raised aussies for years and only had one that I had to watch closely. They were all raised around kids, cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters etc. She would get a little over zealous sometimes. My current aussie has become a pro at herding my rats (I have many as I am a rat breeder) she just can't wait to help 'mom!'Good luck, your pup will do just fine!

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