Constantly Nibbling Or Licking My Hand

by Stephanie
(Batavia, NY)

Our 9 month old Ty has the oddest behavior and I don't understand it... When he's sitting next to me and I'm petting him, he has to have my hand in his mouth. He never bites, just nibbles or licks it. And I'm the only one in the family that he does it to... Does anyone know why, or how to stop him?

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licking hand
by: Tom

Since Aussies are the original velcro dogs it's his way of feeling secure.

Licking Hand or Nibbling
by: Tom

My Aussie licks my Hand and my Feet and Legs, I believe it is like showing affection....... but I am not sure........ My Mini is always with me all the time not matter where I go in the house,,,,, if I sit and he can get to my hand or legs he does the same thing. Why I can only guess that is affection or letting me know he owns me....... ( Grin )

Chuck has always been super licky
by: Kristi

Chuck is just one year and he's always been super affectionate. He likes giving me kisses and i frequently wake up to him licking my foot or leg. He will lick my hand..ear... arm...leg.. or whatever! ! I think its their way of bonding.

My puppy
by: Erika

My 4 month old aussie is the exact same way. I'm also the only one she really ever barks at (usually sits and barks at me when I'm not paying attention to her)

nibbling hands
by: jen

Our year old Samwise does it all the time when we come home. I figured it was his way of "keeping" us.

by: Jackie

My aussie is a BIG licker...she licks and nibbles us and people she loves. It's almost borderline OCD. When she gets nervous or anxious she'll start licking you more quickly. She also just does it to do it. I think it's a part of being very affectionate but also a security thing when she is feeling insecure.

licking and nibbling aussie shepherds
by: Anonymous

We have a 7 month old male Aussie and he is the same way. I'm starting to think that based on many comments of Aussie families that the licking is their common trait. Sometimes annoying. Would really like to find a way to kindly discourage it.

That will do
by: aussiemommie

My Aussie did the same thing, but I taught him a word that meant that was enough. He also grew out of the licking about a year. But I still use the "that will do" for anything that I want him to quit doing.

Mouthy Mutts
by: Morpheous

My mini has my hand in her mouth soon after I get in the door from work, a gentle hold to let me know I am hers I think. Always glad to see me and get me to toss balls for her. She does compete with my other standard Aussie for attention at that time. She is very attentive, like a shadow to me, and very protective. She is usually in contact with me as much as possible, and is laying across my chest as I type this. (she does not like me on the computer) ;-) These Aussies are known to be 'mouthy' and its just personal preference if you let it happen or not. They usually only pick one person to be this dedicated to in the family.

Nibble licking
by: Lilo's mommy

Lilo is a big licker of ears, feet, hands and often gets the perfect timing of lips too! She mouths hands and feet quite often, sometimes it gets a bit frustrating but I am guessing it's her way of showing her love.

by: Stephanie

Well, I'm very glad to hear he's not the only one that does it. And now that I think about it, he does lick more when I'm nervous or he doesn't know where my daughter is. I'll tell you what. This is the best breed of dog ever!

old man
by: Linda

My 9 yr old, Duke, has been like that all his life. He'd lick the skin clear off if I gave him the chance to. All of my Aussies were lickers, too.

Still licking
by: Harm

Our Aussie is 5 years and still licking. Jus a way to show her affection

ours loves to "groom"
by: rochelle

our girl is 20 months and she licks my husband's hand and arm until we ask her to stop. never does it to me. we've taught her "all done" and it works in a variety of situations. always assumed it was her way of being affectionate.

Nibbles and licking
by: Anonymous

I have adopted a male Aussie and he bites and licks me a lot. Follows me around and follows my commands well. I’m consistent with what I need him to do. So the bites started to hurt so I’ve trained him to grab one of his toys to chew and nibble while I pet him. I reward his behavior of grabbing the toy to get a good rub. They are very smart dogs.

by: Anonymous

We have owned Aussies for many years. They are just saying I love you, love you, love you. U can't break-em but why would you want to? They are the ultimate stay close to U dog. Enjoy the ride.

The licking
by: Anonymous

IDK about the nibbling but I’ve always been told Aussies like the salt on your skin so they lick excessively!

nibbler in chief
by: Anonymous

My aussie is about 10 months old so definitely past the teething phase. As a puppy (starting at 8 weeks) I hand fed her at least part of here food and taught her to take it gently by holding out a piece and if she used her teeth I pulled it away and said, "gentle". This helped her to learn not to bite hard. As a 10 month year old, she constantly wants to grab my hands, never hard, but when I'm trying to pet her or just relax and cuddle she instead will grab my hand (never hard). I think it's partly just an energy thing and partly just who she is. It can be frustrating at times, but I'm hoping she grows out of it or it mellows out over time.

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