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Cooper Chews And Destroys His Toys

Cooper is 1 year old. He chews anything you give him. There are only a couple of things we have found that he can't destroy on the first day he has them. Some only last 15 minutes. Even bully sticks and things are eaten very quickly. We have never had a dog that is such an intense chewer.

I have a couple of questions about this. First, is this amount of chewing OK? And, does anyone have recommendations for toys that truly are indestructible?



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by: Anonymous

Have you tried the "KONG EXTREME DOG TOY"?
They are super strong, made of natural rubber, and you can put treats inside. Not cheap. You can find them at, probably at pet shops. Be sure it's the Kong Extreme and not just Kong.

Extreme Chewer ideas
by: Anonymous


Have you tried a Himalayan Yak Chew? Or cow hooves? The yak chew is EXTREMELY hard, and in the 2 weeks we've had it our mini has barely made a dent on the ends of it. We've also found that cow hooves take a very long time to get through. The smell is comparable to bully sticks, so completely tolerable. We've also had good luck with heavy duty suede toys from TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Marshalls... I'd recommend not choosing any which have canvas on them though, since my puppy easily shreds that material. Good luck!

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