Cough, Gag, Choke

My mini regularly goes into an episode of something that is like mix of a cough, gag, choke, hiccup spasm type of thing. Is anyone familiar with this? Is it common? Is it dangerous? She will not just drink water in the middle of it. Touching her, comforting her does not change anything.

It happens usually in the middle of the night.

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Cough, Gag, Choke
by: Nonnie

I had a toy poodle that did this. My vet said it was "backwards sneezing". She had it every so often for the rest of her life. We could usually just talk to her and she would calm down and it would go away.

I now have a toy Aussie who does the same thing. She just started doing it a month or two ago. She had her first birthday in September. She has only had 2-3 episodes. We just hold her and she calms down and it goes away.

by: Wilda

I have both a Chichuhus and a toy Aussie, both of them do it. My Chi is already 2 years old, I hope he will outgrow it eventually, the Aussie is only 4 months. actually, its a trigia (inside the throat) issue. its smaller and its hard for them to eat/drink. and breath at the same time. its nothing serious, but I know how you feel. I always get a little afraid, and I just keep a watch on the, while they are having it, just to be sure nothing is stuck, or that they don't stop breathing.
If you use a leash on their collar, I would switch to a body harness, less damage to their throat, especially if they tend to pull.
The backward sneeze is different, it actually sounds like un ending sneezing. one of my cats has had it for years.

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