Could A Casual Owner Keep An Aussie?

by Luke

I work Monday to Fridays 8am to 4pm and I would like to know if owning an Aussie would be difficult or the lifestyle could be acclimated.

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Owning an Aussie
by: jcrply

I know one person who works full-time and puts her Aussie in doggie daycare while she is at work. They get to play all day with other dogs. This is no substitute for time with their person, but it is better than being home alone.
However, an Aussie who has free range of the house is also far, far better off than being confined to a crate all day. If your dog must stay in a crate all day, I would say reconsider getting any dog, but particularly not an active breed like the Aussie. Some lucky people find it possible to take their Aussie to work with them.

average person with an aussie:)
by: Karen

Hello. I work full time and have a 2 year old Aussie. She sleeps most of the day, but when I walk in the door - Look out! I designate an hour per day to walk her OR we go to the dog park in our neighborhood. As long as you have time for the dog when you get home from work, the dog will be fine. You can break up the week by using dog daycare if you are really busy. The dog will run all day and come home tired:) My best formula is at least an hour per day of walking OR 45 minutes to an hour per day of dog park. As long as the aussie has running time regulary with other dogs you will be good to go:) Run them often, and they won't be destructive. You have to be dedicated to a dog like this... they are not couch potatoes! If we miss a day of exercise(example..bad weather)..she lets me know by acting out! Just make sure the Aussie is a number one priority and you will get a devoted friend for life:) Hope that helps!

by: Anonymous

I think the key to having a happy Aussie is to have 2 dogs (I also have a lab). They play together and that takes the pressure off of the owner. Mine are outside dogs. They are happy and they don't have to be in a crate or confined to a room in a house. Got to love them!

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