Could I Be Allergic To My Aussie?

This has been going on for 3 months now. I have had Levi for 8 months and then all of the sudden in January I now have become extremely itchy, my whole body. Sometimes I get this skin welts not blisters, its like when you scratch and your skin rises from all the scratching. I get itchy the most when my skin is cold but when I go to bed and my whole body is warm, I no long itch.

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by: Anonymous

Hmmmmm.....allergies can and do arise after a longer period of exposure to the allergen but I suspect only your doctor can tell you for certain. Have you tried taking something like a Benadryl or Claratin to see if it helps at all?

If it does ultimately turn out that you're allergic to Levi, you don't have to give him up, BTW. Keeping a dog groomed down (sheared) and bathing him frequently in addition to keeping him off furniture, vaccuming and dusting daily, maybe an air purifier and changing your own clothing frequently may make it manageable with the proper treatment.
(My son is allergic to animals and we LIVE above a grooming shop...LOL.) We make it work.

oh, I sincerely hope not
by: Anonymous

yes, it could be the dogs dander(we had that issue with our guy, giving him yogart and fish food solved that on his hair). perhaps you have psoriasis, and don't know it. that also happened to me. I treated it with probiotics, and an ointment on the area. you should see a dr., or google it,(by discription)and see what comes up. I hope you don;t have to give up your little guy.

by: Anonymous

forgot to mention that I had a situation happen to me, where I changed my dog's food and it turned out I WAS ALLERGIC TO IT MYSELF. Broke out in hives and itchy.

by: Anonymous

Depending on where you live the cedar is very high in January. If it is on the dog's fur after being outside for awhile or brushing bushes or outdoor items it will get on you or your nose, eyes, etc will react. Wash it frequently.

Allergic to my puppy?
by: Anne

My Aussie is six months old and I just started to experience itchy eyes in the last two weeks. I don’t have other allergies except to cats. But I have had several Golden Retrievers with no problem. I’m worried.

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