Crate Training Australian Shepherd Puppy

by Jessica

Cecilia (Cece)

Cecilia (Cece)

So, my 9 week old Aussie puppy has been having trouble with going to the bathroom in her play pen. We started out by leaving her in her kennel for a couple hours at a time and giving her treats all along the way while we were home. We worked up to about 3 to 4 hours and she sleeps soundly through the night without whining, (I wake up every 3 to 4 hours to bring her to her puppy pad area to do her business.) But when we started leaving to go to work, when we came home she had pulled her bed out of her cage and pooped and peed all over it and inside her play pen. The crate, however, was almost spotless.

Is this just a nervous reaction since we are gone for about 4 hours instead of being at home with her? Is she just too young to be expected to hold her bladder for 4 hours unless she's sleeping? Is there any training I can give her to help her learn to control her bladder?

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Crate training
by: Tom

She has separation anxiety. She was mad because you left her.

by: Anonymous

I've never trained with puppy pads but it sounds like she may be confused and pulled the bed out and used it like a puppy pad when she had to go. I've always taken mine outside to potty and they learn very quickly that it is not ok to potty in the house. Hang in there, Aussies are extremely smart and eager to please. She may need just a little more time and instruction.

by: Anonymous

Are you not crating your puppy when you leave for work? If not this can be part of the problem. We learned this the hard way with our previous dog. Let your puppy out to go potty before you leave for work. I agree with the previous writer outside is best. Then put your puppy in the crate when you leave. The crate needs to be sized just enough so the puppy can turn around in side the crate and no larger. Dogs do not like to potty where they sleep so your puppy will learn quickly. If you can come home at lunch I would recommend this until your puppy's bladder matures. Also time the feeding so your puppy has time to process before you leave for work. Hope this helps.

cute pup
by: Anonymous

So it sounds like your puppy's crate is inside her playpen. If I am correct in assuming this then it's probably best to just leave your pup in her crate and not allow her access to her playpen when you leave. We never used puppy pads either because I never wanted Loki to know it was okay to go in the house. Loki is 5 months old and is able to stay in his crate now for about 4 or 5 hours at a time and can sleep through the night without having to go out.

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