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Crying, Whining, Barking, and Zoomies During Walks

by Allen
(San Jose, California, USA )

My girlfriend and I have a 1-year-old Border Collie/Mini Australian Shepherd mix dog named Dusty. We've had the little booger since he was 8 weeks old.

Since he turned 6 months old we have had issues walking Dusty together. Every time my girlfriend would walk ahead of us, Dusty would start this high pitch whining, crying and barking to the point people look at us like we are hurting him and he won't stop until she's behind us or next to us.

He doesn't have any problem at all when I walked him by myself he knows his commands sit, stay, down. Although he does get restless and tends to get zoomies when I release him from the down command during our walks.

He is obsessed with her, at least in my opinion since he follows her all the time.

Has anybody have had this problem before and can anybody give me tips on how to stop this behavior?

It would be nice for me and my girlfriend to walk Dusty together peacefully. Thank you for reading and hopefully, someone can help me with this problem.

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Whining & Herding
by: Anonymous

It’s just a guess but as Dusty is a combination of two strong herding breeds and he’s a puppy perhaps he’s simply demonstrating his version of herding your girlfriend. Training and patience will be your friends!

Good luck!

Get Use to It!
by: Anonymous

I have a 6-year-old Aussie/BC rescue we adopted at 8 weeks and after tons of training time invested trying to "fix" the behavior - my vet said it’s part of his personality.

Yes - breed traits matter, however, every dog is unique. I believe it’s the herding and protective nature of this blend of breeds.

My boy is intelligent beyond measure, but still needs/wants to be near me at all times.

Just one example? When we go upstairs he waits 2-3 steps ahead of me or stands at top staring until I arrive. If I don’t move fast enough...he comes down to get me. It can be irritating, but trade-offs are well worth it;)

We were lucky he never had separation anxiety or destroyed a single thing when we left him alone as a pup (completely out of the kennel at 4 months.)

If it’s helpful - socializing with other dogs and people HAS been helpful to build his confidence and trust.

And ultimately we’ve learned to respect his oddities. I stay close when he’s on a leash and opposite when he runs wild at the dog park/friends farm.

He has truly become the best dog we’ve ever owned as he’s matured - independent, playful, funny, loyal, protective and just another part of the family!

Good luck!

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