My 1 year old Aussie mix barks then she starts crying how do i stop it?

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by: McKenzie

Crying? I don't think dogs can cry... Maybe... Well. If a dog is crying, call a vet and ask if that is normal because I think the idea of a dog crying is just plain odd...

I Hope This Helps . . .
by: Brygette

Warning: I may or may not know what i'm talking about. i know what you mean about the "crying" but when does it happen? if it happens at night, and you leave her alone it could be anxiety. Australian Shepherds suffer from separation anxiety. Things that may (or may not) help: Moving your Aussie closer to your room (maybe even letting her sleep with you). Letting her sleep with something that carries your scent. Such as a pillow you have used or stuff a Kong Chew Toy with a sock or peice of shirt. Checking up on your Aussiemay help but like i said before: i kind of dont know what i'm talking about. If your Aussie crys during the day, it may be that something is bugging her. See if she barks or crys at anything in particular, or avoids things. try to get her used to them. It may even be something medically or physically wrong with her such as something in her throat or stomach prblems. Really i hope this helps and good luck ;)

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