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by May Parks
(Long Beach, California, USA)

Curley and Jewel

Curley and Jewel

Curley was a stray dog in the neighborhood back in July 2011. He took a liking to my Dalmatian dog, Jewel and followed us during our daily walks. One day he followed us home and came into our backyard. Still unsure of us he jumped the back fence and came around to the front yard looking at us. He finally realized that we were not going to harm him and allowed me to handle him and touch him and even let me take him to the Vet for checkup. Well, Curley has been with us for over 2 years now and has been very protective of my Dalmatian Jewel. Jewel was adopted from the local shelter and developed skin and breast cancer and has been cared for over 7 1/2 years. She was put to sleep on August 2nd and we really miss her especially Curley.

The last time I took Curley to the daycare he went looking for Jewel in the same boarding quarters where he and Jewel shared room on several occasions. I said my good byes to Jewel and somehow I heard her say with her eyes "thank you for taking care of me for all these years and now Curley will take care of you now". Funny how dogs have a special way of letting you know all will be well in the long run.

Curley was trained for a whole year with me. We trained him with an electric collar under the supervision of a trained dog handlers. He learned the commands of place, heel, come, stay very well. Now, that I walk only Curley his training has paid off very well. I notice it while walking him. He is a lot calmer and obeys my commands.

I love my dogs and they give humans that unconditional love that will forever be remembered in a lifetime.

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by: Ar

I'm in tears after reading your story :'( What a love story <3

Jewel and Curley
by: Colin

That is such a bitter sweet story. I'm glad God picked you to be Jewel and Curley's human.

I was moved by your post about Curley
by: Dave and Molly

What a wonderful story! There are few things sadder than a stray or abandon dog, especially an Aussie. Thanks for taking the time to save such a wonderful dog.. Good on you!

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