Cut Or Not To Cut!

by Pippa

My Mini 8 month old has a very thick coat and looks as though she has britches on and huge hips! Consequently she looks out of proportion with a small face. She also looks overweight which she isn't. I love her whatever but am thinking of at least getting her under coat thinned out but have been reading on line info and all have different opinions. Also, what is the thought on giving her a complete summer cut? I do use a rake on her.

Thank you

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by: Anonymous

During the summer, I cut my aussie. I know most aussie owners do cut them during the summer. So, I'd say go for it.

I brush mine out.
by: Anonymous

It is my understanding that you should not cut their hair. Brush out the undercoat. That is what I've always done and I have 3 of them. Yes, it's a lot of work. I could be wrong, but I've been told this by several breeders.

Not cut
by: Reba's Mom

Have you tried taking to be be Defirminated. A grooming process that uses special shampoo & tools to get out the extra undercoat. It is definitely worth the $.

Summer cut
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is 3 and we give him a "summer cut" usually in the spring when shedding season starts and keep it short throughout the summer to help keep him cool! (Definitely shaves 5lbs off him! Haha) totally up to the owner but nothing wrong with keeping the hair short!

Lion clip!
by: Anonymous

I'm a dog groomer and also own and foster Aussies. My handsome boy gets a lion cut every summer and is much happier in my opinion. I have left him full coated through summer and he looks miserable and hot even when he is not running around outside. Not to mention its way easier to find ticks without all the hair. The coat has always grown back normally by the time it starts to get cold again. As long as there is no underlying health problem such as a thyroid issue there is no reason the hair wouldn't come back as normal.

cut? not?
by: Kelly

I have always heard not to cut them. That being said, I do trim up my Wyatt. I don't shave him all the way (I'm working myself up to that). He just looked so unmanicured. I trim with scissors and also clippers on his back a bit and also around his neck and booty leg area. I shave his belly area completely otherwise I'd have a huge matted pee mess. His hair has always grown back just fine. I also trim the hair on his legs and around his ears. He loves it! We live where it is very humid and hot and he seems to feel better. One of the reasons I don't have all the way is because I'm afraid of sunburn and taking his cooling abilities away. I did see a pic online of an Mini Aussie shaved all the way and he looked adorable! Hope this helps. If he's not a show dog, why not? Good luck with the best breed ever! :)

To cut or not to cut
by: Threecoldnoses

Thin, yes. Shave, no. The coat provides insulation and protection from the sun and heat. I thin my three Aussies' coats with an undercoat rake every spring, which keeps them cooler but still provides insulation. Trim the long areas.

by: Anonymous

Please don't cut Ausies fur. They have a double coat for a reason to protect them. Please do a research and their coat will never grow back as it used to be. The coat protect them from ticks, fleas, sun, heat and cold!!!!! That is their beauty. Just brush them them often.

Cut or NOT to Cut
by: Anne

Please do not cut your dog's is a great article about it

Hope this helps.
Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Cut or not to cut
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your comments. I think I will try the thinning thing first before cutting completely.

Grooming an Aussie
by: Anonymous

My 5 year old aussie too has a ton of "bum" hair - very thick and long almost like drude locks. She also has long hair period. I do not cut her hair because she is an outside dog and I am afraid of it not growing back. If I had an aussie that was a house dog I would trim her. I am planning on getting a thinning shear to see if I can at least get rid of some of "bum" hair.

Aussie Hair Cut
by: Anonymous

Every article or person I have talked to in regards to hair cutting says different things; some say do cut, others say don't. I personally wagered that battle for 3 1/2 years with my Minnie Aussie and finally just 3/4 days ago had her groomed. She loves it, looks adorable and feels so much better in the ninety degree heat all is going thru. Before with all that hair she looked and felt terrible, too hot she was and now is comfortable with the ton's of hair off, cutting it all to about 1/2 with a pink bow attached!!!

Hair cut or not
by: Pippa

Thank you for all your comments. I went ahead and had her trimmed and she looks and feels so much better. It was a couple of months ago now and she still looks great. White feathers coming in nicely at back. I furminate her regularly hoping to keep the really thick coat from coming back. I am glad I did it and wont hesitate to do it again when time. Everyone says how soft she is.

by: Teresa

I've had my Mini Aussie's hair cut short for the last 5-6 years. Now all of a sudden it is coming back frizzy and starting to come out in little clumps! Does anyone know anything about this?

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