Does anyone know what I can do for my dogs dander? He has developed quite a bit recently. I do give him holistic organic food, salmon infact. I know its been unusually cold, and I'm sure having the heat on all the time is a contributing factor, but is there anything else I can do? It looks really bad, and he's scratching more and more.

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by: Anonymous

I give my Aussie Fish Oil gel caps everyday..no dander. Maybe your dog's skin is dry.

RE: Dander
by: Anonymous

There are good oatmeal shampoos for dry skin dander--we use Groomer's Edge Oatmella in the shop and it's terrific. If it's an oily dander and/or he has bumps or is scratching himself silly, Groomer's Edge Furstaid (not misspelled) can work wonders. (For either formula, wet the coat, soak the dog in the shampoo, work it well down into the skin under the fur and let him sit for 10 minutes before rinsing.) Otherwise, attention to diet (he may need a different one even though your current diet is high-quality) and supplementation may help.

Best of luck.
Ranee, Rick and Joker

I don't get it
by: Anonymous

My Aussie boy has also developed dander and I also give him holistic, organic dry food (fish) I bathe him with either an oatmeal shampoo or an herbal defense (summer, keeps pests away) and yet he still has it.

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