Daredevil Bella

by Andy
(Saint Augustine )

Bella is 4 months and 2 weeks old blue Merle Aussie. Where to start... she is energetic, emotional, extremely social, extremely stubborn, very strong minded and she literally knows what you think and what you are up to.

So, our problem is, that when it's time to go to her crate - for whatever reason, but especially after she disobeyed us, misbehaved, did something she is not allowed, and she perfectly knows that she did something wrong, and that there will be time out for her to calm down, in that moment, she is changing into a wild wolf and she would be running away, inside the house in turbo speed, barking angrily " let me be! I am not going to crate! Don't try to catch me or I will bite you! Etc..."

Lately she is challenging us - barking at us meantime she is looking at us and trying to jump on us. NOTHING WORKS. We tried everything. We literally have to catch her, which must be fun for her and big show for our daughter who is secretly laughing into the pillow - because we told her not to laugh when Bella is misbehaving.

After our hard victory, she is put into the crate, we tell her in a short phrases what she did wrong - "No biting. No barking." Sometimes she would calm down immediately and you can see she feels sorry, but sometimes she would bark like she was arguing with you and mad at you. And I don't think this is okay. Especially the behavior she has at the beginning of this show.

What to do to teach her sit and listen after she does something wrong instead of turning into the wild wolf?

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Wolf pup
by: Anonymous

I would never use the crate as punishment. The crate is a happy and safe place where the dog get's a treat when entering. I would put her on a leash and make her sit-stay at my side. At 4 months she is looking at what she can and can't do. I used a bicycle horn or a can with pennies to get my dog's attention and stop her from doing wrong. It sounds like a game and you need to control who is going to be the winner. Yep, you have an Aussie and she will become a great pet with the right guide.

by: Andy

Thanks for your advice. Appreciated. The leash works but our problem is to make her stop running from us, when we want to put the leash on her. She knows that she did something wrong and that consequences like e.g. not being able to run, and to do whatever she likes - as every puppy, are following. Apropo, putting her into the crate after disobeying us - after 5-8 times being told, was professional advice from professional dog trainer, who trains also dogs for therapy purposes, etc. So, I guess putting her into the crate when she is not able to calm down and follow the rules, is not that bad.... I hope.

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