Deaf Aussie Not Eating or Gaining Weight

by Kerri

I have a Australian Shepherd puppy that is deaf. We are having troubles with him eating and gaining weight. We have tried everything and besides the few bits he eating of his dog food and eat table food, bad for him but he is so skinny. He has been vet check and de-worned. Is that something that is normal with deaf puppies or is there something else we should be doing?

We have him on Iams now but have tried other brands, we have tried wet food with no luck. I just added turkey gravy to his food he ate a few bites and was done. My other dogs eat and are at a healthy weight. We always have food down to eat and doesn't eat it. I have no clue what to do besides seeing if making my own food but I don't want my other dogs on people food. Please help because I am lost.

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Not Eating
by: Anonymous

When my Aussie was a pup she did not want to willing eat. I would have to hand feed her and tell her to eat. She caught on pretty quick and now loves her food and treats. I wouldn't think that being deaf has anything to do with her not eating. Good luck.

Sweet Potatoes
by: Jean

Try giving your dog sweet potatoes mixed in with his food. They are very nutritious (my vet calls them super food for dogs) and I have not met a dog that does not like them.

Wash them well, prick many times with a fork and either bake in the oven or cook in the microwave. Let them cool chop them in pieces with skin and all.

Best of luck!

by: Anonymous

With the mention of sweet potatos... something easier... I open up a can of 100% organic pumpkin and put a scoop on the food. My aussie loves it.

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