Deaf Aussies

What do you know about deaf Aussies? I am thinking of adopting a lethal white pup. He is mostly deaf and vision impaired, but has enough sight for hand signals. Any insight would be appreciated.

Note from Anton: Info about homozygous merles here.

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We have a deaf and blind Aussie
by: Anonymous

We live on 17 acres we have an aussie that is blind and deaf we have had her since she was born. Helen is 3 years old. In my experience with them is they do very well. Our Aussie is around cats, dogs, horses, goats, she follows my scent she stays in an area that is not fenced in she never goes to the barn. it's like she knows her boundaries, when I want her to go a certain way I touch her and she stays right next to my leg and walks with me. I am so glad we did not put her down she is a blessing to our family she loves people and gets along just fine. We gave her a chance and she overcame her disabilites with flying colors. Please don't think that because they have a disability that they cannot be good pets because we could not ask for a better dog! Helen will have a forever home with our family!

re: deaf aussies
by: Anonymous

MOST deaf dogs do just fine, living life to the fullest without a problem. Sometimes however, other problems do arise without prior knowledge. I am surprised however, that they did not cull this puppy, lucky for him. They can learn everything a normal dog can,just in different ways and it may take you longer. The results can be VERY rewarding,sometimes more so with these dogs because it is a great accomplishment. THink aussies are loyal? just wait til you get this one trained...He will never leave your side!Good luck.

Definitely Adopt!
by: Anonymous

I just adopted a 6 month old deaf Aussie, she's a lethal white. She is the friendliest, most lovable dog ever! She's totally potty trained, and I'm just starting obedience classes with her. If he/she can see your hand signals you will be fine, just a little harder when their back is to you to get their attention. Once you have a "watch me" signal you will be OK, they learn sit, down etc. from the hand signals you choose to use. I am also looking into a vibrating collar (not one that shocks) so that when she's in the field I can teach her the vibration means look at me or come to me. She does not wander far from me or her sister. You will not regret your choice!

I, too, have a deaf aussie
by: Anonymous

She is just a joy! I have 2 male mini's aussies and a white standard female. She is smart as a whip and watches the other dogs for cues. People have asked me how she knows to bark when the doorbell rings (since she can't hear it). She just follows what the others do. I have taken her to obedience classes and she catches on to the hand signals right away. I highly recommend opening your home and your heart to one of these special dogs!

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