Deafness In Aussies

by Andrew Jacobs
(New York, NY)

Dear Friends, My family and I are in the process of rescuing a four month old Aussie bitch who is deaf. She is a homozygous merle (i.e. double merle) who was dumped by her owners when they realized that she can't hear. Her eyes are eccentric. However, her sight seems to be fine.

I'm reaching out to your community to see who has experience with a deaf Aussie and is willing to offer a bit of guidance. We are long time dog owners (Samoyeds), but new to Aussies.

We are very excited to have an Aussie in our home. Many, many thanks.


P.S. If I did it correctly, I downloaded three pictures of our dog.

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Just lost our deaf Aussie
by: Darla

Hi - we've had a deaf Aussie and she was FABULOUS - we just lost her suddenly and are heartbroken - she was a sweet girl. Aussie's are smart smart dogs and learn sign language quickly - simple hand gestures for "stay" "sit" "come", etc. - a few repeats with the hand gesture and lots of praise (hugs and petting and treat) and he/she will pick it up very quickly!

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