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Debarge Should've Been a Cowboy

by Amanda
(Regina, Sk, Canada)



Toby was my first Aussie and is my heart and Soul. Anything I asked of him he'd try and did to the best of his ability.

When I got Toby I immediately started training him for flyball and obedience. Toby finished his Cnd. CD with a high in class, and has 2 legs to his ASCA CD which he scored 191.5 which got him a High in Trail and Highest Scoring Aussie in trail. I've never been prouder.

After training and retraining Toby 3 or more times for flyball Toby finally played the game. He didn't love it but play because I keep asking him and he knew it made me happy.

In July 2007 I was hit with the worst scare of my life as a dog owner Toby and Rae were poisoned after fighting for their lives they both pulled through with minor complication. Toby seemed to be slightly dog aggressive and a little more leery of strangers but nothing that we couldn't work through.

I loved this dog from the first moment I laid eyes on him and knew I had to have him. After some trickiness from Anja and My Parents Toby came home.

From the 7 o'clock in the morning flyball training in the hallway at mom and dads. To all the trouble he gave me in the CDX ring I wouldn't have Changed it for the world.

Sadly on Feb 5th 2009 I was hit with another scare I was told Toby had to types Cancer both untreatable.

There's a line in the song "stealing young girls hearts" And that he did.

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