Defiance Urination

by Pat G
(Tampa, FL, USA)

We have a 4 month old Aussie that is house broken and crate trained. Dogs behavior is consistent with a puppy of its age and not problematic.

Being "the man of the house" whenever I am home he is like my shadow and is never away from my side. It's actually bothersome as it upsets my wife and kids because he won't go to them or play with them much when I'm home.

Here's our challenge, on a couple of occasions when I get home from work and don't pay enough attention to him he will squat in front of us and urinate almost as in defiance due to not paying enough attention to him.

My wife is not a big fan of letting the dog on our bed and definitely won't let the dog sleep with us. So, last night we put the dog on the bed just to see how he would behave. He was fine right up to the point when it was time to get off the bed. I'm the process of calling him off the bed he squatted and urinated defiantly as to say "fine! You don't want me on your bed then take this" any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!



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Puppy peeing
by: Anonymous

It's true that Aussies do get very attached to one of their people more than the others. Maybe try having other family to give the dog treats for coming to them for a while. The peeing I'm sure is not defiant, dogs don't think that way. Puppies that age do not have full control of their bladders, so when they get excited or a bit anxious they just let loose. Try looking at the behaviour from that perspective? My pup did submissive peeing when greeting other people for months, it was truly annoying too!

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