Delicate Question


I have a question. Not sure how to word it, but… well, here goes: I have two males dogs, one is 4 months, the other is 2 years old, recently I noticed they lift their legs up for the other to sniff... umm... the 2 year old is neutered, I intend to neuter the pup in a few months, does this mean anything? I mean, do I need to get a female? Both boys will be neutered, but well... what are they doing, and why? I know about the sniffing of the butts, and even the humping of the head, but private parts now too? I guess, what I'm asking is do they NEED a female in the mix? I don't want them to fight though, and honestly, I really can't get another dog right now. I have an old girl, 14, but they pretty much leave her alone. I do have a female cat, also about 12, they do go after her, but I pretty much protect her.

Just wondering, if this means anything, and if so, what? Should I be concerned? I feel dumb asking, but I'm really not sure.

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