Deprograming An Abused Aussie

by Nancy

I adopted an abused Aussie from local shelter. She has had much training and is loving and good with other animals. This is not my first Aussie. I have had several over the years but my first rescue. She had been caged or kenneled and worn down her lower and top front teeth. I look into those eyes and see so much sadness the only excitement is when I come home. It is as if she has forgotten how to run and play. Can anyone help me out?

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by: Anonymous


I have had Aussies all my life- but the pair I have now are both rescues acquired each a year apart. My first girl has never had a bad day in her life. She was found wandering out a rural road and is the most loving energetic, sweet gal around. Definitely an alpha.
My second girl, Sadie, I rescued straight from the home she was being abused from where she was kenneled 23 hrs a day. She was skin and bones, no hair on her nose, teeth missing and frail as can be.
It took me two good years for Sadie, original name Mercedes, to open up and become the sweet angel she is today. Gone are the days that she recoils and cowers under tables and beds. She no longer shames herself. All I can tell you is give her the unconditional love that she needs. Treat her with the love and openness that she needs and be kind, yet firm. She will definitely respond. My girl did. She is such a light now. She runs like the wind and is a true gem. There is not a whisper of the dog that was once there. Give your dog time and they will bloom with you love.

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