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Derby (Dec 2007 - August 2009)

by Jennifer Jones
(Weatherford, TX)

Derby - July 2009

Derby - July 2009

Derby was my 3rd Aussie, but he won't be my last. I wanted to post a tribute to him because my new puppy is coming home next Sunday, Jan 31. Derby was the dog of my dreams, a gorgeous red merle male, and I still can't believe he's gone. I can't even think of him without a tear rolling down my cheek... ok, waterworks is more like it.

My sweet blue merle Aussie had been stolen in August 2007, and it took me 4 months to be ready for another dog. I found Derby online at 3 weeks old with a breeder in Kentucky (hence the name). His registered name was 'Paradise Run for the Roses', and I drove everyone crazy as I had to wait another 6 weeks for him to be old enough to fly.

When the plane was delayed due to weather conditions, I was frantic. I will never forget the crystal blue eyes that gazed back at me from that pet carrier that day. I didn't even know his eyes were blue - never occurred to me to ask the breeder at that time. Derby came to school with me every day for the first 2 months. I wanted him to be well-socialized, a good traveller, and very housetrained - lol. He went everywhere with me, and loved going to ropings.

He was amazing and the joy of my life. I'll never forget how mad I was when he came home covered in a thick oily sludge from running through an old oilfield... a whole bottle of Dawn couldn't get it out!!! He loved to help us pen the steers for roping, loved to swim in anything (especially water troughs), loved his stuffed toys, and he loved hot dogs. I just loved him.

When I relocated at the beginning of August this year, I left him in the care of family members until I could purchase a house and yard for him - didn't want him to have to move twice. On August 31st, my mother called to tell me the news. It still seems surreal that this could have happened, but asking why won't bring him back, and God has His reasons for everything.

As I wait with anticipation for my new Mini Aussie puppy "Hitch" to come home next week (stay tuned for his debut!), I just had to reflect on my special friend Derby, who was taken from me way too soon. I know I will love this new little guy just as much in time, but I will never, never forget my Derby. Don't ever take one single moment with them for granted... Miss ya Derby-Doo!

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Jan 27, 2010
by: Sharon

What a tribute. I know any dog will be lucky to have you as a mom.

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