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Destructive Chewing Behavior In 10 Month Old Aussie

I'm having a spot of trouble with my Aussie chewing on my apartment. It started just after he was neutered - he ripped up carpet while wearing his cone (after jumping over a 2.5' tall gate). After adding another gate above the other, he started after a door frame, even with bitter spray.

This had been isolated to when I wasn't home, but he's started doing it while I'm in the room. He has numerous toys to chew on, even "puzzle" toys, but he doesn't give it much attention.

Are there better toys to occupy him, or stronger deterrents for the chewing? He's my first Aussie and I'm trying everything I can, but I must be missing something!

Any advice would be fantastic!

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Destructive behavior
by: Anonymous


I've been through the destructive stage a few times over the years. My now 8 month old aussie is included! With my pup, he mainly only did it while he was at home alone. I hope this info helps!!

Dogs become destructive because of boredom or stress, and since your pup now chews things while you are home too, he's probably bored. I highly recommend you get him some bully sticks, cow hooves, a himalayan yack chew, and even a few beef/pig ears. The bully sticks, hooves, and yack chews are very long lasting, and dogs are very drawn to them. When I am home and need to keep my aussie busy for a few hours while I work, I give him a hoof and a bully stick which works great. These options are much more healthy and safe compared to rawhide.

About the destruction of the carpet and doorframes - while you are gone, it probably is best to crate him. To give him more space, maybe attach the crate to a play pen at least 36" tall, and put this set up in a tiled room if you have one. Replacing carpet and door frames is expensive!

Also you could consider getting an inexpensive home security camera with 2 way audio which you can check from your phone. I bought one off Amazon for about $30, and consider it to be the best $30 I've spent in a while on my pup!

Good luck!!

Chewing Aussie
by: Cathy

My Aussie went through the same thing with chewing, destroying everything she could. The one thing that kept her from chewing on carpet, kitchen cabinets, etc. was cardboard. The thicker the better. Every time I emptied a box I put it on the floor for her. I picked up boxes at Costco when I would shop. There were remnants all over the house, but the destruction stopped. It didn't last long, but a month seems like years sometimes. Good luck.

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