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Different Kind Of Aggression

by Don

Our 14 month old Aussie (this is the 4th Aussie we've raised) has recently started showing aggression with dogs he's been playing with since he was 8 weeks old. I'm not even sure it's genuine aggression or super rough play. The other dogs, two Siberian Huskys who could presumably tear him up badly in a fight, don't react aggressively in any way. They appear to enjoy his displays of anger. I've also considered that because they don't defend themselves and don't suffer any damage, our dog is just "pretending". After I get firm with him and settle him down with a "time out", he goes back to playing nice.

Over the years I've dealt with some seriously aggressive dogs but this is a new situation. Any insights would be helpful. Is he just "pretending"? And even if he is, what's the best way to correct/re-direct?

The same dog has recently taken to resent my wife's dad, who he's known since 8 weeks old, being in our house. When the father in law shows up, our dog is uncontrollably happy to see him till he gets inside, then he prefers to go outside and lounge in his yard and it takes a lot of coaxing to get him in. Once again, advice would be appreciated.

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