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Do I Have a Mini or a Standard Australian Shepherd?

by Leslie

We bought an Aussie puppy from a breeder in Texas. We have the papers and pics of parents. I thought she was a standard.

But when we got her home she looked small. Smaller paws, pointier nose etc.

She's 6-1/2 months now and weighs 23 lbs and is 16 inches tall to her shoulder bone.

Shouldn't she be much bigger if she's a standard? The owner said she is a standard.

Thank you so much!

Comments for Do I Have a Mini or a Standard Australian Shepherd?

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by: jcrply

You could find out for sure by having her DNA tested.
The "Mini" was created by breeding other, smaller breeds to Australian Shepherds. So a DNA test will show if she is pure Australian Shepherd.

Your Aussie's Size
by: Elizabeth

Based on what you've given, it sounds like she's a small standard. (Very cute by the way). I've read a couple of articles, some say that standard size Aussies can range anywhere from 35 lbs-55 lbs (female), and others say 40-55 lbs (female).
You should've been given the chance to meet the Dam in person, and should be able to see how big your puppy will be (usually the females of the litter will have the stature of the Dam). If you were not able to, look at the pics of the Dam (hopefully it's a helpful photo), and base your predictions on that. (Granted, it's not a guarantee OBVIOUSLY).
My own Aussie is personally on the bigger side being 21 inches tall and 55 lbs (though she doesn't look like it).
Also, your puppy is still young, so there is still plenty of time for her to grow!

Thank you!
by: Leslie

Thank you both for the answer. I didn't know if she would still grow more or not! Also, a DNA test is a great idea!

Big things come in small packages
by: Anonymous

I agree, I think your girl is probably 100% standard breeding like the breeders claimed, she's just a smaller one. They happen, especially in working lines - which it looks like your girl may be from, being a bi without the tan points. No tan points is far and away most common in working lines. She's probably going to be borderline size. Keep in mind the standard was written with the preferred sizes being an average of dogs the framers knew or had seen - and as it says, 'quality is not to be sacrificed in favor of size'.

Standard Pup
by: RogerThat99

I have a standard puppy, from small standard parents (Sire 40 lbs and Dam 37 lbs). I wanted a smaller standard. He is 15 weeks and weighs 23lbs. He is about 16" to the top of the back.

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