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Do I Have An Australian Shepard?

by Jonathan Williams
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)



We live in Colorado Springs, CO. We lost both our dogs suddenly at the beginning of January this year. Tucker, our pure breed Alaskan Husky we had from puppy and he lived about 11 years (sudden heart attack) then 48 hours later our Lab/Retriever mix Perry 13 years old was put to sleep due to Cancer and internal bleeding. This happened within a 48 hour period - heartbreaking. We had them our entire marriage! So about a week into being alone I went in search of a great dog or two.

I found Zeb at the Pikes Peak Humane Society - he had hip surgery 11/29/17 and he was very calm and submissive. They were calling him a Husky mix and later when our vet looked at him she even said one of the main dog breeds with a blue and brown eye are huskies. So I had a mutt? No worries it really didn't matter to us. We opened our hearts and our home. Then a friend on Facebook said that he looked more Australian Shepard than Husky which of course got us thinking and looking.

That being said, we would like an opinion, and if you are in Colorado you are welcome to ask to meet him for an up close and personal look.

Do I have an Australian Shepard or a mix? Zeb has the crease in the nose or "nose dimple" as my wife calls it and the "mane" - remember his hair around his right rear leg has not grown in yet from the surgery at the end of November.

Jonathan Williams

Comments for Do I Have An Australian Shepard?

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Husky Aussie mix?
by: Anonymous

My sympathy on the loss of your two dogs, it is so heartbreaking to lose our companions.
Just on the basis of your photos, I would say he is an Aussie mix. The head shape is Aussie but the ears are not, they are more pointed and upright, like a Husky's. It is very common in Aussies as well as Huskys to have blue eyes or one of each. An interesting combination, it should be fun watching him develop!

Reply to Anonomous
by: Jonathan

Thanks for the comment ... Vet did say Husky/Aussie mix so that does make sense that his ears don't fold over.

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