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Do Small Australian Shepherd Puppies Stay Relatively Small As They Age?

by Whitney
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

We recently got a female Aussie. The breeder stated she was almost 8 weeks when we got her but the vet confirmed she is about 6 weeks. She only weighs 2.88 lbs. She was the smallest of her litter and the vet advised she may always be on the small size.

The breeder advised both the dame and sire are about 40 lbs each. Just curious if anybody had a similar situation and how their pup grew up. Did they stay small as they aged?

She is on Taste of the Wild puppy food and loving it.

She is quite the little butterball with soooo much energy!

Comments for Do Small Australian Shepherd Puppies Stay Relatively Small As They Age?

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Similar start
by: KathyB

We have a 4 year old Aussie female that was the runt of her litter. At birth she was half the size & weight of her siblings. In fact, it was touch & go if she would even make it. The breeder kept the whole litter until they were 8 weeks. She was still much smaller than the rest, but had caught up some. She has remained on the small side & generally weighs in between 38 & 39 pounds. Our previous female was 45 lbs. But aside from being on the petite side, she is just a fun loving girl!

by: Anonymous

My Mini was around 5lbs and is now 40 lbs - slightly larger than most minis

Wee ones
by: Linda

I too got the runt of the litter, she will be 14 years old in December. Here Mom weighed around 45 lbs. and father around 55 lbs. She, at one year old was 38 lbs. and stayed around the same weight until she was 11, I fed her Solid Gold, gave her the recommended amount in the morning and she nibbled at it throughout the day. The last three years she has had health issues and she lost weight to 28 to 30 lbs. I now have her on Canine Caviar and she is maintaining weight of around 32 lbs. Anyway, the long and the short of it is, as long as they are healthy and happy it doesn't matter the size... Train your dog well and it will be the best friend you ever had, though mine was the runt she was the most feisty of the bunch, probably because she had to fight for the milk, who knows...

Small Australian
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue. Both parent dogs were normal size normal weight but the entire litter of pups stayed little as adults. My female is almost 4 and weights in the low 30’s but is half the height of the parents. Wish I had the answer but I’m in the same boat.

2 lb aussie
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is 45 lbs and is full grown. When I got him at 8 weeks he was 11 lbs. I'm guessing yours will be very small... toy or mini size when full grown.

May be a mini Aussie
by: Anonymous

If the parents of the puppy are only 40 lbs. they are either small standard Aussies or mini Aussies. Standard Aussies are normally 45-55 lbs for females and 55-65 lbs for males. My neighbor adopted a mini Aussie that was the runt of the litter and only weighed 5 lbs. at 12 weeks. He is nearly a year old now and still isn't 20 lbs. He is a bundle of energy and in great health. I have a full size Aussie. The breeder I got him from said he would be bigger than average and would get up to 75 lbs, and well he weighs 75 lbs. He was 5 lbs. at 5 weeks.

We have a runt
by: Karen

Our female Aussie just turned a year old last week. She was the runt of a litter of 9 puppies. She was considerably smaller than some of the others when we got her at 10 weeks, but I don't remember her weight at that time.

She currently is 36 lbs, which seems pretty average for the breed and being a female. Note: she was always super hungry, and the vet advised us to go ahead and feed her a little more than what the package was instructing. Just an active pup, so she needed more fuel. She's still on puppy food, but will probably transition in the coming months. She eats Buffalo Blue, turkey and sweet potato.

Small aussie.
by: Anonymous

I have a 3 month old male Australian shepherd it was the runt of his letter at 2 and a 1/2 months old when I adopted him he weighed 5 pounds 9 oz at 3 months old he weighs by pounds 9 oz the breeder told me that He should weigh between 17 to 22 pounds when He is full grown. Depends on if your dog is a miniture a toy or a full adult size Australian shepherd as to how big the dog will get when it gets older when he gets to be about 2 and a 1/2 months old if it's got large front feet or just large feet in general you're probly have a big dog on your hands when it gets older. Either way it doesn't matter as long as you love her but 6 weeks is too young to be taken away from its mother. Don't know if you have a pet land pet store near you but if you do tell them that you need a snuggie puppy it's a stop dog then has a little plastic heart in it if you squeeze the button on the heart and hold it down for 5 seconds it'll start going thump thump It also comes with a heating pack you Shake It Up heating pack and you put it inside the stuffed dog that comes with this along with the plastic heart it's velcroed shut you Velcro it shut and you give it your puppy the puppy will think it's it's mother or siblings because it's warm and it has a heart beat.

My little girl
by: Anonymous

My female aussie was the runt of the litter as well, and was half the size of the others when we picked her up at 10 weeks. I believe she was about 10-12lbs at that time. Her mother and father were both full size aussies, and my girl is papered full size. She is now 1.5 years old and about 27 lbs. She is very petite, but still the cutest little thing.

Mini Aussie Female Runt
by: Anonymous

Our female Minj Aussie was the smallest in her litter (about 3lbs). She just turned 1 year and is only about 15 pounds. I’m in contact with 2 of her litter mates and they’re twice her size. The vet says she is healthy and fine per the growth chart but just a very small girl.

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