Do They EVER Get Tired?

by Janet Huston
(La Conner, Washington U.S.)

I'm tired. My first walk is at 5 a.m. Second is off leash walk at 7 a.m. (about 1/2 hour). Third is walk to Post Office (about 5 blocks one way). Forth is potty walk around the block. Fifth is off leash ball game (throw the ball with the chucker) on the soccer field at the school (about 1/2 hour.) Sixth is final walk on leash around the neighborhood a couple of times. Dog still peppy. Janet exhausted.

I have a male, one year old Tri Mini Aussie. Cute but wow!

Where are the sheep hanging out?

Janet Huston

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by: Anonymous

How old is your boy? I'm sorry, but I don't fully understand why you are taking him out so early, and so often, is it because he's a young pup and needs to go? or are you trying to tire him out? sounds like the later, and if so, why so early? Depending on his age, you need to put him on a schedule that is good for YOU! if its for potty, you need NOT take him for long walks; also, I started my boy as a pup doing it on a puppy pad because he had to go so often, but once he learned to hold it more and more, now he only uses the pad if I go away for hours, and or at night(which even that he no longer does, unless I forget or am unable to take him out before bed). You see, he uses, both, the outside now mostly, but I started him on the pads inside. Now, if you're trying to tire him, any kind of game, ball, frisbe...for my dog, chewing on a bone seems to help him get rid of some of his bent up energy, but it has to be a bone bigger than him, yet small enough he can carry, in his mouth. of course take him or walks, and play with him, but it sounds like you're getting burned out, and that's not good for you, which can affect your relationship with your boy. hope this helps, if you have specific questions, feel free to ask. I'm sure there will be others to help give you some advice, hold on, and enjoy your boy, he will reward you in the end with so much love and devotion...

Not really
by: Anonymous

I've posted a few pics and some videos over in the Aussie Stories section of Zoey. She rarely gives completely out unless we're at the beach, or after we get back from the beach. At home we have cats that keep her busy and we play alot of disc with her. Try not to get them on such an early schedule if you can't keep up with it b/c they will expect it. I also try not to mix bathroom breaks with play time or walks.

Some tips
by: Camila

Since I don't know how old your dog is, I will only recommend a couple things.

1) Make sure to set up exercise time with relaxing time. I will expand; sometimes, these energetic dogs never learn when to turn themselves off. Since they are highly active and need to waste a lot of energy, and were created for hours and hours of work; they have great resistance and I doubt they will never calm down (they will be always ready for action).

Exercise time is exercise time; walking is not exercise for a dog, unless you take them out for long miles; but if they don't run, jump and play they will not get tired.

Probably your dog will be calmed after an hour play of fly ball or Frisbee for example, and then a good 10-15 minutes obedience training.

To the point; make sure to set up playing and relaxing time. Every time you end up exercising, you should tell the dog like "over" for letting him know time play is over and it's time to rest. After the order, make sure the dog relaxes with you; toys no more until you say so, no run or else.

At the beginning the dog of course will not understand, but once they get the point of relaxation, after playing they will stay calmed with you.

2) A tired Shepherd is a really happy dog. As said before make walks around be exercise, if you have a bike, I highly recommend going out with your dog and the bike (depending in your dog's age). You will not get tired, is fast exercise and your Aussie will enjoy and release bunches of energy.

3) When walking outside, make sure to train the dog obedience. Obedience challenges the dog's mind and this at the end, after thinking and trying to relate concepts and orders; they will end up tired and also love mental challenges.

That's all what I can say right now, since I don't know your dog and every dog is a different world.

Hopefully this helped, and I am sorry if it's not much understandable, my first language isn't English.

Good luck!

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