Docking Tails

by Lana

Do you have to dock their tail? We rescued an 8 week old puppy from the animal shelter. Her tail is not docked.

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re: Tail docking
by: Anonymous

NO! Your aussie does NOT have to have his tail docked especially at this age! Tail docking is done on puppies between 2-5 days old before the nerve endings fully develop. At this age it would be considered a tail amputation. This is VERY painful, for at this age all nerve endings are fully formed. If it is not a health concern PLEASE keep your aussie's tail. Plus this day and age, breeders are going both ways. A tail is fully acceptable in many breeds. Aussies, dobermans, boxers etc. Even ears are not cropped in many breeds as they used to be such as boxers,great danes etc. Enjoy your boy for what he is! Good luck!

by: Anonymous

no. you don't have to. I prefer them with their tails, but if its going to be done, its uusally done when they are a few days old, NOT weeks. Don't do it now. no need anyway

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