Does Your Aussie Escape Your Yard When Left Alone?

by Vanessa
(Stanton, CA)

I am getting an Aussie and we have a a brick fence with wooden gates. Our lowest part of the fence is about 4 foot six. I'm worried that I won't be able to leave him alone in the back yard because he will get out. Do any of you have a problem with that?

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Escaping from backyard
by: Anne C.

Yes, Aussies left alone in a backyard, get bored and will try to escape. Aussies also try to escape to look for a mate, so have you Aussie spayed or neutered. That will stop their desire to escape for mating purposes.
Aussies are very good climbers, but not all try to escape or climb fences. It depends on you individual Aussie.
Hope this helps.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Aussies don't do well when left alone in the yard. They are true companion dogs who long for company. They do much better in the house, or in a crate in the house. Not only can they jump high fences, they can bark endlessly if left alone.

indoor out door
by: Original poster (Vanessa)

My dog will not be left alone in the yard without acsess to the house. we have a dog door and he would be free to come in and go out, I was just worried that he would try to get out of the yard. I will be taking him to work with me and stuff, but I was more worried about, like if he were to go outside at night when we are in bed would he try to escape. Will we have to not allow him to use a doggy door? And he will definitely be neutered.

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