Dog Aggression

My very sweet mostly obedient smart Australian Shepherd 4 month old pup has been aggressive with other puppies since I got her. I am defiantly the pack leader it is clear. She always waits for food and is learning tricks very easily. She has a strong need to herd which is mainly taken out on my rake, broom, mop, lawn mower, etc., but we are getting some success with training her to stop this behavior.

She is very friendly with people and not aggressive so far except has nipped twice at 7 year old niece. So the real concern is aggression towards dogs. At 9 weeks old went to a puppy group only puppies and she spent the whole time attacking one puppy. Next went to two different puppy training classes. Again she attacked a number of puppies repetitively.

When I take her to dog park she runs scared from big dogs. But it is not fear when she attacks a little pup. Now she started on my friends adult dog that was slightly smaller than her. Lots of space out on beach which she loves. Over and over again trying to get on top and bite on him.

Eventually after breaking up many fights I put her back on leash. Almost every other encounter with a dog seems just not peaceful. Anyway, she is doggy daycare for last couple of weeks one day a week. They say they will be able to teach her to stop behavior but its getting hard to believe.

We walk or run her twice a day and do trick and chase ball many times a day. So it's not that we are not addressing energy. In fact, last time at beach we had had an half hour run before this. I am so sad to think I may not be able to train this out of her even with help. It scares me that it may only get worse. I also wish this information was listed about this breed, I was really shocked by it.

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