Dog Growling

Why is my 9 month old Australian Shepherd growling at me?

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RE: growling
by: Anonymous

You didnt give much information, which would be very helpful in finding the cause. Does he do it when eating? playing with toys? dressed differently?
It may be 'resource guarding' in which he will guard things which are 'his' such as toys,food,his bed etc. It may be 'adulthood' in which both males and females (especially intact) are testing their place in the pack. It could be a matter of 'alpha dog' in which he/she feels dominant over you.
It may be frustration from not getting enough excercise and having pent up energy which can be frustrating your dog.
Maybe your not being firm enough or setting rules and guidlines for him/her in which is VERY important in a 'pack'.
The important thing is to make your dog 'work' for food,treats etc. Make him sit,lay down, or SOMETHING to get what he wants. Make it on YOUR terms.
I am certainly not saying dont love,pet,cuddle,and treat your dog with the utmost respect that he deserves by any means, BUT there has got to be balance.
Your dog is 9 months old if you dont nip it in the bud now the behaviour will only get worse.
I hope these suggestions were helpful and you and your dog can have a loving,respectful relationship, however, you may need professional help before he becomes aggressive. Good Luck!

Don't growl at me! A lifetime relationship
by: Anonymous

Aussie's can be difficult for the same reasons they are such awesome dogs--really smart and creative, independent thinkers! That is why we see so many beautiful Aussies for adoption. I would invest in a good dog trainer. Check the reviews for trainers in your area and find someone you like and trust. Unfortunately, I don't think the behavior will change on its own. If it were me, I would invest the time and money now so my Aussie and I could have a wonderful life together.

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