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by Chad

I have a aggressive Aussie that is now 9 months old. He is the most loving dog as long as its with us but anyone else he attacks and is almost impossible to stop. He has been going to training for two weeks with no change. Does anyone else have this problem and how did you solve it. We have been taking him to the park and the pet store's but he is to aggressive to stay long. He is very trainable as far as tricks and basic commands but around other people he changes into a terror. Hope the next 6 weeks with the trainer works.

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by: Suzan

Stick with the training, you will see a change. Remember to be consistent and also when you are at home. Start some leadership with him. Do the No Free Lunch policy with him. This means that your pup does not get any attention, treats, or toys unless he gives you an appropriate behavior like sit or down. When playing with him, play games that like fetch, hide his toys and have him find them (do not bury his toys or you will get him to dig), keep walking him around places that will have people around, watch his body language he will tell you when he is getting uncomfortable, if he is put a little more distance from you and the people. If someone wants to pet him. Put him in a sit next to you and ask the person to greet you first. I have an aussie that gets overwhelmed when too many people are around her. I let anyone who wants to approach her that she is in training and to greet me first. This allows her to smell the stranger and by seeing me greet the stranger, I'm showing her that this person is ok. I have treats on me so the person can give her a one Biggest thing be aware of your own feelings, they really do know when you are stressed and that makes them not trust the people they meet. Give it time, you will see a difference. They learn pretty quick. My aussie is 5 now and now the only time she gets this way is when someone approaches straight on or when children start to run towards her. I stop the person or child from approaching and explain she is in training and to approach me first and please do not at her. People respond very well when you let them know you are working with your dog and respect that. Training is life long and well worth it.

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