Dog Toys?

My Aussie has TONS of energy! And there are some days where it is just impossible to go outside and play (stormy weather, freezing blizzards) so what toys would you recommend to keep him occupied? I will list the toys he DOES have. Red Kong (medium), Black X Kong (large), two indestructible frisbees, 3 balls with tails, rope toys, bones, tennis balls, squeaky balls, and one stuffed animal that he loves. I just want his mind to be stimulated so that when it is impossible to play, he still has something to do.

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by: Anonymous

Have you considered doing obedience or agility with him? Working with them everyday or multiple times a day does wonders! It is fun for both of you, keeps him stimulated and helps him settle.

Dog toys
by: Linda

My Aussie Scooter loves the lazer beam,I get them at walmart or petsmart, I bought him a pillow he can attack when I point at it. Have fun :)

Stimulating games
by: Linda

One thing that my mini aussies love to play with is a simple empty plastic bottle with a few holes cut out. put treats or kibble in it, place cap back on and watch them have fun. They funny thing is with my male, he will watch the female jump on the bottle, watch it spin and run for the food that comes out. He always lets his sister do all the work. you can do different mind stimulating games like putting a treat under a plastic cup or bowl may have a set of three or more and let your dog find the treat. You can buy or make your own mind stimulating games. Do some research online to find more.

by: jcrply

My suggestion is CARDBOARD BOXES plus your imagination. I do a little indoor agility setup with cardboard boxes. When I do it on the lanai I add a little ramp up to an overturned plastic horse watering tub which I call "table". I point to the box I want her to go into and say "box", then another one, etc.... "ramp", "jump", "sit"....etc... You can add to this with things like a rope coil to designate a spot to stop... You can come up with other things. I used clicker and treat to train the little commands. You can have your pup run the little course in different order and in different sequence or whatever you can think of. It's fun. Also, there is an article by Karen Pryor called "101 Things to do With a Box" which you can GOOGLE. In fact, you might want to read that first. The great thing is that the boxes are FREE!

by: Anonymous

One thing I do with my aussies kongs is I tape one of the holes up and then pour chicken broth in the other side. Put it in the freezer. When I leave for the day for a special treat in her kennel leave it in there she has a blast licking all the frozen broth out of it. Keeps her occupied and to date it has never made a mess. Keeps her busy and content. Good luck.

by: Trio Aussies.

I have two boxes of toys. The first of the month all the toys that are out are put away and the new box with about 10 toys in it comes out. Each day the dogs get one of those 10 toys, so after 10 days there are 10 total toys on the floor to play with. This keeps them from being bored with the toys. There is something new most days for them to play with. They also love chewing on toilet paper rolls. I fill bones with Peanut butter which takes them a long time to get out.

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