Dog Vomiting

by Denise
(St. Louis, MO)

I tried to ask this once before but I'm not sure it went through. My Sammy is vomiting. He vomits food he's eaten as much as two hours ago and with it mucus, lots of it. I'm thinking allergies. I've asked two different vets about this and they look at me like I'm crazy. I've put his water up on a small stool so he doesn't hang his head down to drink. I've limited his water. Nothing's working and I'm desperate. Anybody, Please.


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by: Suzan

Hi Denise. I can only tell you about my experience with this. I have three aussies. Paige, my blue merle is very play driven and she has the vomit problem When she first started vomiting up her food, I started checking what she was doing before she got sick. I noticed that when she went out to play right after or even waiting 15 minutes after she ate, she vomited. When I talked to my vet, he told me that I should wait at least 30 minutes before letting them out to play or do any activity with them that would get them excited. This will allow their tummies to settle as they are processing their food. Also, I was advised to keep her cool. When she gets too hot, she will vomit the water she just drank. I was told to cool her off quickly, to rub ice or cool water on her chest area and have her rest. That's a task, since she loves to play. Also if she has a hard time pooping, she vomits. So you make watch your dog to see if he is pooping regularly. Dogs should be ready to poop about 90 minutes after they eat. Watch him to see if he goes poop regularly or if he is struggling to poop.
By doing the things above and I have also started to add a teaspoon of plain yogurt to their food in the morning. This has helped with the vomiting and helps with diahrea as well. The yogurt gives the dogs the good bacteria their tummy and colon needs to process and pass their food.

I hope this helps.

Dog Vomiting
by: Heidi M

from a trusted website:

Begin home treatment for vomiting with a fast of 12 to 24 hours during which you withhold food. During this time, do not administer your pet's heart worm preventative pill. The fast gives the dog's stomach and pancreas a rest. After the fast, give your dog a small amount of sugar water, 1 tsp. sugar to 1 cup of water, or an electrolyte solution.

If your dog keeps the liquids down and does not begin vomiting again, the next day provide her with small amounts of a bland food. Your veterinarian can provide a special food for this purpose or you can make a homemade treat for your sick companion. A cooked (but not fried) egg, along with boiled chicken and rice is a good place to start. Or, you can provide baby food containing meat. Over the next few days, gradually add some of your dog's regular food back into the bland diet---adding a little more regular food at each feeding so that by the seventh day he is eating his regular food only. If vomiting recurs at any time during home treatment, stop your treatment and take your pet to a veterinarian.

food allergies??
by: Karen

We have a 7 yr old male blue merle. We had this problem awhile ago (along with LOTS of diarrhea) and through a process of elimination, discovered he has food allergies. He is restricted to Lamb and Rice food now.
To settle his stomach, I would try feeding him rice.(we used regular instant) It's an easy starch for them to digest.
If you find that helps and the vomiting has settled, I would try dividing his meals to 4 times a day. The smaller amount was less for his system to digest. Aussies are very active and can be at risk for their stomach turning if they eat and then engage in physical activity. We would not feed him before a walk or play time to keep his stomach settled.
I hope you get some relief for him soon. It is a good sign he is still eating so it may be allergies.

Re: Vomiting
by: Denise

I'm not sure that it's any of this. I just made another appointment with the Vet for Saturday. He's not eating now unless I give him the boiled hamburger and rice and to tell you the truth I think he only eats it for me.

He's got diahrea now and he hasn't really eaten enough of anything to make him go to the bathroom. I just had to bathe him which he hates because he was a mess. I'm getting really scared because he's declining but I can't take him to the vet any sooner because I don't get paid till Friday. I'm starting to think it might be a blockage but I'm not going to just guess, he's going to the vet. Wish me luck.

He's doing better now
by: Denise

Hi Everyone and thanks for the help.

I started feeding him smaller amounts, really small, like just a half of a cup of rice and boiled hamburger. He's finally keeping it down and he's got some of his spark back. He even drank water today.

When I got home from work he was waiting at the door just like he always does but hadn't been doing.

It's such a relief to have my boy back.

I appreciate all the help more than I can tell you.

I do have another question. I've been saving so he can have an operation that one of the vets said he needs but another vet told me he didn't.

I took him to the vet for a limp and was told first that he had sprained his ankle, his ankle didn't get any better so I took him back and my vet wasn't there so we saw another. This guy never looked me in the eye, told me Sammy had torn his ACL and said it seemed like my husband and I were both gainfully employed and this was going to cost 1800.00. No xrays, nothing. The next vet I talked to over the phone laughed and said if there were no xrays and Sammy was still putting his foot down sometimes it couldn't be the ACL. Anyone have any ideas from past experience what else it could be ?

Dog Vomiting
by: Heidi

I am sorry your pup isn't any better. I understand that money can be very tight and vets cost a fortune. Maybe you could call the vet tonight and ask there opinion if it can wait that long, maybe they can take payments,.... Also look into to see if they take Care Credit. You can look it up online if they do and apply online. Best of luck!

Back from the Vet
by: Denise

Just got back from the Vet, they ran like 15 tests. He's got an abnormality in his liver although his liver is not enlarged. He dropped 15 pounds in just this week alone.

He's on antibiotics, Pepcid, Vitamin E and an Anti Diarrhea medicine. It cost an arm and two legs but it was worth it.

The Vet is concerned about the liver test but they also gave him some kind of shot and she's hoping the shot and the antibiotics will turn him around quickly. If not then we'll have to do more tests. I also have to check his gums for the next week for discoloration.

I've got everything crossed this turns him around.

My Sammy is gone
by: Denise

Sammy would pick up and then go down, I finally took him to another Vet on July 26th at 5 am. He was suffering and he looked like he was in pain. My husband had gone out of town so I was alone with him. I found an all night Vet and took him in, by then his legs were gone and it was soooo sad. He was my baby and my best friend.

The Vet I talked to that morning told me Sammy had enlarged lyphnodes and he was positive he had internal bleeding. Liver cancer. He said he'd had it for some time and had just been holding on.

He told me the symptoms that Sammy had, eating and then vomiting hours later with undigested food, diarrhea, loss of appetite and lethargy were all positive signs as well and told me the vet we had been seeing should have known that.

I sat on the floor, put his head in my lap and we looked each other in the eye when they gave him the medication.

I haven't stopped crying since then. I feel like a huge part of my identity is gone.

If any of you have dogs with these symptoms please see a vet quickly and don't let them tell you it's not cancer. I asked that very question of my vet and she assured me it wasn't. Please don't be swayed. If I hadn't believed her Sammy wouldn't have been put through all that medication at the end. I would have just held him as much as I could until I knew it was too much for him and then I would have let him go, as hard as it was.

by: Anonymous

After 2 ACL surgeries several years ago our Aussie began to limp again. We had him on meds for arthritis & anti inflammatories.

Suddenly this weekend he became lethargic, no appetite, a little diahrea as well as throwing up water.

We took him to a third vet who recognized he was a very sick boy. She was able to get one xray when his heart quit. She attributed it to a tumor causing hemotoma & a heart that was working very hard.

Harley was 10 and the love of our lives. I too haven't stopped crying as we were prepared to have him around for a few more years. He was a beautiful dog & the BEST dog we have ever had.

Hi All
by: Denise

Happy News

I missed my Sammy so much and just couldn't get over him. It was so hard to come home without him here waiting for me every night and the days my husband went out of town were even worse.

My husband got me a puppy for Valentines Day. She's and Aussie, black and white with a little brown, she's so stinking adorable.

She's only five weeks old which makes me a little nervous, the breeder said the Mother had quit nursing and wasn't giving the puppies any attention so he felt it was best to let them go to homes where they would get the love and attention they needed.

She's very cuddly but so small. My husband drove more than 4 hours to get her and she's a doll. She's sleeping a lot but I'm sure it's because she's so little.

If any of you have any advice I'm very open to any of it. I'll be taking her to the vet next week for her very first visit and I've bought puppy chow that is nothing but natural ingredients.

My Sammy would have loved her

6 month old Aussie
by: Uriah

Hi my 6 month old just started vomiting during our walk and she didn't want to walk anymore so I had to carry her home....she threw up 2 times in a row then a few minutes later 3 times..then a few more minutes later..about 4-5 times. She's never done this before...her brother is doing fine so i don't know. I thought she was in heat but I don't think it's common for them to throw up while in heat...her and her brother are turning 7 months in 3 days. Does anyone have an idea as to what's going on. Also we did change their food yesterday and that might be it but her brother isn't showing signs of sickness. Maybe he just has a tougher stomach but yeah I just need some idea as to what's going on.

Dog Vomitting
by: Mike

Tucker our 3 yr old mini Aussie, vomits irregularly- usually at night, say 3am he starts to convulse and throws up - always bile, not food cuz he eats at 5pm. He is crate trained and sleeps in our room, which is how we hear him. we let him outside, he comes back in to a clean blanket and goes to sleep. He will go a month with out issue, then go a couple nights in a row. I thought it was maybe something he ate on the walk at night, but he does this when we don't walk at night. Any one else experience this?

Random vomiting

Mike, my dog does the same. I cannot figure it out except maybe the volume of fetch she plays that day. It’s always just bile. Always been 4am and 6am. I don’t feed her at night because i noticed that made it worse. She does it for a couple days and then she’s good. She’s never mopey or anything after throwing up. She’s just as energetic as ever.

I might try feeding her at night to see if this helps. If anyone else has any thoughts...?

by: Andy

Our Libby... 3 year old (female) Mini Aussie in Montana just started to vomit off and on. She'll eat a bowl of dry food (about 2 cups) Then drink a bunch of water then vomits. The food is a highly rated and grain free. Castor & Pollock. We've tried other foods with the same result. She is a very high energy dog that loves to play all the time. Typical Aussie. lol
She usually eats at night when calmed down but has started to throw up once in a while now. It's been really hot lately here in MT. Any idea why she has started to vomit lately?

Vet checked and wormed regularly.

Sounds Silly
by: Anonymous

My Australian Shepherd will vomit after every meal unless I burp him. I know, sounds crazy! But a few taps on his side and a big belch later and he can run outside without loosing his lunch!
Hope it helps...

Best food for my 4 month old Aussie
by: Anonymous

What is the recommended food for Mini Aussies 4-6 months old. She seems to have very loose stools and seems to throw up about 1/2-1 hour after she eats. I give her a teaspoon of yogurt at night and when feeding in the morning and at night a heaping tablespoon of rice and boiled chicken on top of her dog food. Any suggestions?

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