Dog Will Not Stop Chewing!!

by Katie

We have a 10 month Aussie named Luna. She is sweet, hyper, and loves cuddles. However, no matter how many toys and training she WILL NOT STOP CHEWING!!

She will do great for a week or two, and then it's as though she gets made at someone for some reason and will chew just their belongings.

We've tried the puzzle toys, balls galore, chew toys, and even the kongs. Nothing seems to work, we play with her and we keep things picked up but she's taken to chewing on the stairs or anything she can reach.

I'm afraid if she keeps this up my parents are going to get rid of her.

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by: Anonymous

Some aussies get super bored fast. They have to have a mental outlet, and sometimes it can be chewing. Have you tried teaching her basic manners? Tricks? My own aussie at 10 months knew all her basic manners and lots of tricks. This made her mentally tired and she would sleep most of the day. If this is not the case, try using bitter apple spray. The stuff tasts so bad and once she gets her mouth on it she will soon find the tast to be not so good and leave the item alone.

Try distractions
by: Anonymous

Mine used to chew obsessively as well, and wouldn't let us take anything away from him. What helped was, I started to tease him with something else in my hand - i.e. if he was chewing a bone, I would sit close by and start playing with the ball. He loses interest in the bone in just a few seconds, and now really wants the ball - I say "no go get your bone", put it right in front of him, and keep playing ball by myself. No he doesn't want his bone anymore! Finally I yield and give him the ball, take bone away and leave him for a minute or two. Then I come back with a treat (or another toy) in my hand, show him but don't share - now he doesn't want the ball either! After a few days he got far less obsessive with chewing, still likes it but would stop in a few minutes, and just ask me play with him.

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