Doggie Dementia?

by Joanne
(Livonia, MI)

My 13 year old red-tri Aussie seems to be confusing daytime and nighttime. At night she will pop up from her bed and wants pets, if I stop she pushes my arm to continue. She will walk around the room, jump up on the bed and walk on us. None of us are getting any sleep.

Sometimes it's so bad I take her into the family room and sit on the floor with her to settle her down. It's hard to keep her awake during the day, and due to bad hips, excessive exercise is out. I've been trying melatonin but, it doesn't help much. Any ideas? Has anyone else experienced this?

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by: Brenda

I have had this problem the vet told me to give my 5 year old Benadryl late in the evening, worked well and no side effects, and yes Daisy is over weight and quite lazy does not like to be outside much but quite playful inside. I hope that helps. Cel

by: Joanne

Cal, Thanks for the tip, I've given my dogs Benedryl before but never for sleeping issues. Gave her the melatonin last night when she started getting antsy about 1:30 instead of when I went to bed. She slept the night, I'll try it again tonight. I know she's needy and lonely having lost our other Aussie to lymphoma in January, she really misses him but, this all started over 4 months ago.

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