Double Merle Ancestry

Does anyone know if its possible to have a double merle that does not have 2 purebred Aussie parents? I recently adopted 2 pups from a shelter knowing my Aussie was deaf (she's an awesome smart dog). But when I did a DNA test on what the shelter thought was a Border Collie mix, it came back there was no Border in her. I am wondering if it is possible the deaf Aussie is not purebred - but because of her homozygous status I am curious if that can happen? Can you get a homozygous Aussie if the parents are not both purebred merles?

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by: Penguin

I’ll explain. All that is needed is for the father and the mother to possess a copy of the merle gene. Since the merle gene is not exclusively associated with the Australian Shepherd another dog breed with the merle gene could potentially produce a litter containing a double merle puppy.

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