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Dwayne Carrick and Bo

by Dwayne Carrick
(Lexington, N.C., U.S.A.)

ME and BO

ME and BO

Hello, Bo is my 2 yr old Aussie. I got Bo last year off Craigslist from an older lady that said he just had too much energy for her. I have horses so I was looking for a herding dog. We went and saw him and right away I fell in love with him. I have had many breeds of dogs and thought they were smart but NOTHING can hold a candle to an Aussie. Bo and I go every where together.

I am fortunate enough to have a job to where I can take Bo to work with me. He is our company mascot now. He goes with me in LOWE'S home improvement warehouse. They love him there cause he carries things for me. The store manager said one day he wish he had 5 of those. He carried a 15 lb roll of cable one day and everything he carries he takes right to the checkout. He cracks people up doing this but if I don't give him something to carry he will pick something up to carry himself.

He is also the hit at tractor supply going in the store with me and offering help. If I ever leave Bo outside everyone asks "where is Bo", he is very well loved by everybody. He gets in the back seat of my truck and down the road we go. If I forget to roll his window down I am reminded by a paw tapping me on the shoulder. He actually taps me on the shoulder. One time means not down twice means not down far enough. He hangs out the window and everybody that passes us laughs their head off at him.

I have horses and before the truck comes to a stop when we go to the pasture to feed, Bo is out the window and herding them up to feed. Bo is the best dog in the world. He gets smarter everyday and does anything I ask him to. He will sit for 8 hours if I have to ask him to do that or will run all day if we have to.

I would absolutely die if anything ever happens to Bo. To tell you how close we are, my mom said if anything ever happened to me before Bo she would have him put down and buried on top of me cause nobody else could do anything with him and he would grieve his self to death. We are super close. I will never own another breed except the Aussie and long live Bo.

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Beautiful story
by: shirley

What a wonderful story. I'm seventy and had a grey merle for eighteen years. Had to put her to sleep this summer and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but we put our hands on her as they put her to sleep so she had our family there in the end to hold her. She was my companion for all those years and they are the smartest dogs ever.

Since I can't walk far or be too active, my dogs stayed close to me in the house. I had gotten a put when Bandit was sixteen years old so that when the time came, I'd already love another one and she kept me going. She sits by my side all day long and sleeps beside me at night on her own pillow.

Even though these dogs are very active, mine doesn't run too much, she only stays outside for a few minutes before she's back at the door so she can be by my side.....such wonderful animals, they are almost human

Bo Rocks!
by: Jen

Sounds like a very special dog. Unfortunately, your worst fear came true for me this past August when my wonderful red merle male aussie, Derby, was killed back home while in the care of family members. I had relocated and was trying to buy a house with a yard for him before I put him through the move. I know it wasn't their fault because they loved him too, but they knew I was afraid something like this would happen. They used to tease me about being "over-protective" of him, but I guess now they know why. He would have been 2 yrs old on Dec 10, 2009, and I do not know why he was taken from me, but I do know that he will be a part of me forever. I have bought a mini aussie puppy that looks very much like my Derby, and he will be ready to come home next Sunday. I don't expect him to replace Derby, but I know that he will help to keep Derby alive for me somehow. I know that I can't live without an aussie, and I have plenty of room left in my heart for him to leave some pawprints of his own. Best of luck to you and Bo!!

Great Story
by: Holly

What an amazing story... Bo finally found his "person", or really, you found him, and is truly happy. Aussies are the most amazing companions, I know because I have two, and their intelligence is remarkable, so Bo's tapping you when his window isn't down is no surprise to me, not to mention the fact that you have given him a job, or two, to always keep him on his toes...
Thank You for the Great Story, it put a Smile on my Face...

by: Tania from RSA

I think Bo is a super dog - like all Aussies. When you own a showdog, you sometimes forget that what Bo is doing is exactly what an Aussie should be doing! Well done and yes I will also not own another dog than an Aussie ever again!

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