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Dynamic Duo

by Rob
(Dighton, MA, USA)

Jingle (top) and Bosque

Jingle (top) and Bosque

Last year we lost our standard red Merle Aussie of 13 years (Murphy) to a stroke. He was the only dog our kids ever knew, a great friend and companion. Aussies are the only breed we wanted to have (this will be our 3rd in 25 years) So during the fall last year we decided to get another Aussie pup… but wanted to try a mini this time around.

Found a local breeder and got a female blue Merle in February... we named her Jingle (born two days before xmas). Put her right into obedience class and she excelled right away... very eager to please and loves to work… a real natural athlete (chasing balls, Frisbee and trying to herd cats). She loves her class so much that we put her in a beginners agility class.

After she was 6 months old we decide we could use another challenge and get another puppy (same breeder, same father, different mother). So now we have Bosque (BOS-KEY) blue merle male and they are inseparable and a joy.

She (Jingle) is a like a pot of coffee… wiry and full of energy and he (Bosque) is like a baby bear… all fluffy and laid back. Needless to say things are hopping here and they are keeping us busy. Love'um both and they are a great joy.

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Comments for Dynamic Duo

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Dynamic Duo
by: Nonnie

So sorry about your loss. These dogs just capture your heart instantly! We lost our toy Aussie, Carly Jo, one week shy of her first birthday.

Now we have Bailee Joy, a blue-eyed, blue merle, female mini Aussie and, her half sister, Maggie Mae, a brown eyed black tri female toy Aussie. They are so awesome!!

I hope you get another one soon.

your 2 babies
by: Debbie

Your dogs are just adorable. I bought my first aussie a year ago and I am absolutely fascinated with her....she is so good....I never had to put her in obedience class..she is very smart and is eager to please...Good luck with your new babies...I hope they bring you years and years of joy.

by: Anonymous

they are beautiful, and its great to hear how well its going for all of you. sorry about your loss though. thanks for sharing them with us. enjoy your new life together

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