Ears On My 15 Week Old Blue Merle Female

How to get her ears to lay down?

How to get her ears to lay down?

Hello community any advice on how to get my 15 week old Blue Merle Female ears to lay down, or will they lay down as she gets older?

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don't worry
by: Anonymous

yes, they will lay down on their own in time,she's only 15 weeks. for a time she will have one up, and one down, she will go through teething, and that will affect her ears for a while, but all in good time, they will go down, and be normal, and she will be fine; for now, enjoy the cuteness of it all.

by: Devery

When I got my aussie pup I was told that his ears would rest down with age and they did.

by: Nonnie

We have two Aussies. We picked them out at 8 weeks and their ears were down. When we got them at 11 weeks, they were still down and have not changed.

I hope someone as an answer for you.

Aussie Ears
by: Anne

Your Aussie puppies ears will probably not lay down if they are sticking straight up.
There are some ways to get them down...at this point it is teething that makes their ears do weird things. It is very hard to get straight up ears to lay down.
I can give you some suggestions, so e-mail me at goldringkennel@aol.com

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

4 1/2 month old mini aussie ears
by: Christine

I have a mini red tri aussie, she is a about 4 1/2 months old now and I just noticed this week that one ear is up and one down. Breeder said they should both be down soon.

20 week old ear problem
by: Kristi

My 20 week old mini blue merles right ear just stuck up yesterday out of nowhere! It looks so ridiculous as the left one is down and the right one sticks straight up all of the time. I called the vet and she said this is a problem with this breed and there is nothing that can be done? Can someone give me any other advise?

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