Eating Cat Poop

by Markus

We have a lovely 5 month old tricolour Aussie. She is really cute, but unfortunately she can't resist to eat out of the cat litter box. She loves to eat cat poop and also to lick the cat bums.

What can we do against it? I don't think that it is the food. We feed her highly protein quality puppy food. And we changed the food already. We tried also chicken breast and other things. She still have a go at the litter box.

Any ideas?


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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

I have 3 Aussies and 2 cats. We put our cats' food and litter box in a room that only the cats go in. We have a 6" extended hook and eye lock on the laundry room door where the cats can get in, but the dogs can't. Dogs always get in the litter box no matter what you feed them. It's like dessert. Ew!

Eating Cat.......
by: Debbie

My aussie was eating dog poo in the beginning...i got the pills that you put in the other animals food and the dog stops eating it. It should take about a week. Aussie are smart... when mine did it... i thought i would die. i even bought breath spray... thank god she stopped after a week of the pills. you can get them in any pet store or your vet.

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