Eating Disorder

by Ana Laura Chavez



My dog is not interested in eating? Is this normal? I have changed its food several times and she doesn’t care. I have to play with her and entertain her so she will have a bite, but I can’t keep doing that. Please help!! I want her to be healthy but I don’t know what else to do.

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Eating Disorder
by: Andy

Our Aussie, Breaker, is also a fussy eater. We mix his Eukanuba dry dog food with cottage cheese and he seems to like it. When we're out of cottage cheese we mix his food with our golden retriever's canned Avoderm dog food. We feed Breaker at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. so he's usually hungry and also appreciates eating on a schedule.

by: Ana Laura

Thank you for the info. I will try all the options and hopefully they will work.

A Simple Fix
by: Brygette

My Border Collie had the same problem and my grandma suggested simply mixing dry dog food with milk (preferrably 2%). there is no measuring involved, just add the milk so the food does not absorb it all, you want a little extra milk. If it does work, continue adding milk for a week, then slowly reduce the amount of milk you add until *poof* your pup is back to normal. It really worked for my dog and i hope it works for yours.

eating disorder
by: Anonymous

Thanks to all that posted a comment. Just wanted to let you know that my beautiful Galatea eats great now. She is almost two and we have no more problems with that. I guess she just needed time.

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